Aplixcom SCADA-MES Cloud 2.0 – New!

The Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0 system is one of the best tools that both optimizes and monitors production processes in dynamically functioning organizations. A natural step in the evolution of our SCADA-MES system was to increase flexibility, integrity, and functionality by adding MES planning and APS optimization. This resulted in a simple but complete tool to support companies in operations and business.

Following global trends and meeting the expectations of management, our Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0 migrates to the Cloud. Using the Cloud as a business tool is undeniably becoming a standard supporting real-time data exchange anywhere in the world. This extremely important step in the development of automation primarily targets companies with many production plants that want to integrate individual departments while reducing resource costs.

At the same time, SCADA-MES Cloud as SaaS (Software as a Service) is seen as an optimal solution for small companies that do not want to invest in server infrastructure and its dedicated IT department, but want to use the latest SCADA-MES solutions.

The latest projects argue that, as a technical solution, SCADA in Cloud Computing, with the use of advanced OPC server technology with two-way querying of measurement points, is already fully mature, suitably efficient and stable, so as to ensure the functionality required in today’s conditions.

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