Aplixcom Solutions

Producer of SCADA, MES, APS class systems INFOR's Silver Partner in ERP solutions

About us

We are an IT company providing the latest technological solutions for IT and industrial automation that improve the operability of a business.

In everything we do, we follow one goal – provide manufacturing companies with the best manufacturing and business management systems.

We have over 20 years of experience in implementing systems like SCADA-MES, ERP, EDI, PM, and more. In our current state, we have been operating since the beginning of 2009, but over 2 decades worth of knowledge allows us to face various challenges and better respond to the needs of various companies. The fruit of our mission combined with experience became SCADA-MES.

As part of the solution offered, we guarantee technical support, design counselling, staff training, and maintenance. Our implementation team does its best to ensure that each project is successful and most beneficial to the client.

In our job we follow values such as:


We love challenges, believing the client's success is also our success. That is why every effort is made so that clients feel the positive results of implementing our systems as soon as possible


Nobody in our team is by accident. Everyone, regardless of their function, is a key player in the Company's mission. We hire people who turn their passion into a team success.


We always think about what else can be improved or enhanced. As a result, our systems work successfully and are suitable for use in various industries.

We have succeeded in completing numerous projects, with particular attention to:


Warehouse management


Production management

Accounting and finance


Our strengths:
  • 20 years of experience in implementing ERP systems in medium and large enterprises.

  • Knowledge gained during international and local projects

  • IT solution expertise for manufacturing companies

  • Original systems, full customization, quick response time, full cost control

  • Advisors with wide range of proficiencies (ERP, SCADA, MES, APS)

  • Deep knowledge of EDI for the automotive industry

  • Professional advice and solutions in tune with the latest technological achievements, tailored to particular needs

  • Our own EDI and data centre

Aplixcom Solutions
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Tel. +48 12 376 95 99
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e-mail: biuro@aplixcom.com