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A system for warehouse management, maintenance and optimal use of human resources in the production plant.

Aplixcom Logistic Management 2.0

Aplixcom Logistic Management 2.0 is a module that allows you to effectively manage specific logistics tasks. It includes a two-way interface that exchanges planning and inventory data.
Through the logistics dashboard, warehouse employees have access to material calls, demand plans, and can plan the resources needed for each order (material outflow, acceptance of semi-finished and finished products).

The module integrates with the ERP system, which allows it to automatically update inventory with used components and create new calls. The module enables communication of forklift operators with the warehouse and operators in the production hall.

Through Logistic Management it is possible to settle the material actually used with the assignment for the order, operation, product, customer, work place, employee and compare this consumption to planned data in order to make them real.

logistic forklift (1)

Aplixcom Maintenance 2.0

Aplixcom Miantenance 2.0 – this is a dedicated tool for the Maintenance department, which allows to automatically monitor occurring malfunctions, calls to malfunctions through Alerts, i.e. signal lamps, SMS, voice calls and other mobile devices with the genealogy of the event.

Aplixcom Maintenance 2.0 gives you the opportunity to plan your machine inspections and repairs, and then settle them. The module automates the work related to maintenance documentation, enabling the UR desktop to view and record the course of failure and its repair. Information for planners is provided in real time about anticipated and unexpected machine downtimes.

The module allows to track the frequency of malfunction of a given machine over a specified period of time, provides complete statistics, including micro-downtime – which allows to analyse causes and trends, thereby calculating the costs of downtime as well as allows to predict subsequent malfunctions according to various statistical algorithms.

Maintenance Engineer with check-list

Aplixcom Human Management 2.0

Aplixcom Human Management 2.0 is a module supporting the optimal use of human resources in a production company. It enables effective production planning taking into account available employees, their competences as well as permissions and planned performance. Therefore, it is recommended as a supplement to Planner 2.0 module.

It creates employee demand forecasts that allow you to plan personnel for a specific period of time. The module enables ongoing determination of the real availability of employees in a given position through integration with RCP cards as well as settlement of their effectiveness and quality of work.

The foreman can manage employees by defining their qualifications or belonging to working groups and assigning them to individual work stations, adjusting activities to the current situation in the plant and controlling the situation online via a mobile device.


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