Aplixcom APS 2.0 - Advanced Production Planning

Aplixcom APS 2.0 (Advanced Production Planning) is an extremely flexible module to automatically optimize technological operations for production based on multi-level priorities and algorithms selected by the client.

Aplixcom APS 2.0 easily enables optimal use of available and planned business resources, offering a higher level of production management.

Our software combines the world of ERP planning systems with machines, offering a full range of tools for planning, optimization and production settlement based on real data in accordance with the latest Industry 4.0 standard.

Zaawansowane planowanie produkcji - APS

How does it work?

Aplixcom APS 2.0 allows the use of business resources available at a given moment with regard to higher and lower priorities such as:
  • availability of machines and raw material

  • production performance (the system distributes the number of parts per production for each machine)

  • distributing operations to a group of machines, including load factor, changeovers

  • alternative workstations (employee availability)

  • the option of introducing alternative technologies on the whole or part of the production path

  • the option of declaring unavailability periods of the machine (holidays, maintenance)

Our solution also introduces a unique import mechanism of dedicated external optimization algorithms prepared and designed specifically to meet client requirements, which means full flexibility and being open to all, even unpredictable, changes.
Selected algorithms:
  • Critical path search algorithm

  • Default value algorithm

  • Search algorithm for best improvement

  • TABU search algorithm

  • Simulated annealing algorithm

  • Simulated annealing algorithm with proximity search

Benefits of using Aplixcom APS 2.0:
  • saving on order cost (e.g. by planning at the workstation with the lowest production cost)

  • higher productivity rate through better use of existing resources

  • shorter order realisation time

  • higher performance and quality of production

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