Aplixcom BI 2.0

Aplixcom Business Intelligence is a module that automatically generates advanced reports and analyses.

The module, based on the information collected from machines, production and ERP data, generates a number of reports as charts and tables, bringing a powerful tool for analysing and optimizing production.

Standard reports include information on:
  • Operator and machine work time registration

  • Machine work time registration

  • Downtime and micro downtime

  • Frequency of failure

  • Machine work load

  • OEE – overall success of tested machines/equipment in the production process. "Availability", "Efficiency", and "Quality" measurements

  • Traceability

Aplixcom BI 2.0 is also a tool for monitoring quality and generating detailed production statistics. The system continuously detects all deviations and changes from the set standards, thanks to which measures can be taken even before a problem occurs.

With automatic reporting, employees can better control production and monitor work in real time. The module provides analysis, access to real and historical data, which enables comparison between different combinations on one chart. The received data can be exported into PDF or EXCEL and printed out.

System visualization

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