Aplixcom PLANER 2.0 - - Effective production planning

Aplixcom PLANER 2.0 is a module that allows production scheduling and planning with accuracy down to the minute.
A production plan made in the ERP system can be presented visually in the Planner a long with all details regarding production orders.

Using drag & drop, you only need a few clicks to schedule the date of production orders.

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The solution allows for:
  • elimination of paper documentation workflow

  • faster production order update

  • limiting errors during production reporting

  • real-time and online production process supervision

Planning in ERP

A production plan made in ERP can be presented visually in the Planner along with all details regarding production orders. Technological operation blocks are automatically downloaded in real time from the ERP system, along with all additional information regarding the order.

Using Aplicxom Planner, the planner can edit the downloaded schedule. All introduced changes are automatically available digitally at every workplace.

Our tool makes it possible to plan:
  • production orders

  • changeover

  • cost preview and quicker response to unforeseen changes

  • maintenance deadlines

By collecting information from machines, the system informs us about the upcoming survey or planned component replacement. The planner also has information about the current state of production and possible delays, enabling those responsible for planning to response to failures and delays in production faster.

Client orders can be entered quickly and easily using the right forms. The formed production orders, divided into technological operations, are automatically visualized in the Planner so that the planner can optimize production work in the most effective way. The prepared schedule is visible online at all workstations in production.

Aplixcom Planer 2.0 is also equipped with an advanced APS algorithm, responsible for optimizing the schedule according to a number of defined criteria.

System preview:
Basic functions:
  • locates and tracks the workflow of components throughout the entire production and distribution chain

  • downloads and saves production data from machines

  • enables monitoring and recording of production process parameters

Using a system for generating labels with a unique bar code, Aplixcom Traceability 2.0 can recreate the full cycle of product making. The factors affecting the formation of defective components and entire series can be identified and counteracted with faster. This makes it easier to eliminate the causes of defects and thus reduce production costs.

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