Traceability – a benefit in the eyes of your Partners and Clients

The growing complexity of manufacturing processes is a huge challenge for manufacturing companies. Locating and tracking the workflow of components throughout the entire production and distribution chain is not a whim but a production, even a market, requirement. Business partners, especially in industries such as high-tech and automotive, place an increasing pressure on traceability combined with the transparency of product manufactured by suppliers.

Benefits of Traceability
Traceability, a feature of IT products that tracks the production process, benefits the company in two ways.

  • It allows recreating the entire creation cycle of each element. Thanks to this, factors resulting in faster defectiveness can be identified and counteracted with. It is easier to eliminate the causes of defects, which translates into minimizing the production of substandard components, as well as reducing production costs.

  • Clients need confirmation in how the company is committed to quality. When a client, looking for a reliable supplier, finds a company with implemented Traceability, he or she will be more prone to work with it.

Traceability as an Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0 module

Our Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0 system is equipped with the Traceability module. How does it work? It identifies all the used raw materials, materials, intermediate products, and the processes they undergo. The system also generates labels with a unique barcode. Each time the barcode is scanned, factors like date and time of the scan, name and login of the operator, product and component codes, scan ID, are saved in the database. This helps locating and tracking the flow of components throughout the entire production and distribution chain. Additionally, SCADA-MES: Traceability downloads and saves production data from machines that allows monitoring combined with registration of production process parameters.

Flexibility is the star feature of the system. We can personalize it for each client, considering specifics of his or her business and needs, ensuring full integration with technologies as well as solutions by recipients, regardless of the industry they represent.

Finally, through the automation of data downloading and processing, the application eliminates the need for paper document workflow, along with any inconvenience associated with it.

Give yourself an advantage

Traceability helps to meet regulations and standards as well as adapt to the requirements of recipients. The system does not require time-consuming integration, is fully compatible with various ERP systems, even operate as a standalone. When planning the development of your company, consider implementing Traceability in the near future, before the competition gains advantage over you by using a similar method.

If you want to implement Aplixcom Traceability 2.0 in your company, have questions or need more details, please contact us.

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