You create – we implement – or flexible IT systems

“We have software customized to your needs” our specialists will assure you. You think everyone says so. What is so unusual about this? Well, in the case of Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0 this statement takes on a completely different meaning.

There are situations in which the only solution is to put together modules or software kits specifically for a client. Most often, this process is linked with generating costs and excessive workload. Does it always have to be this way?

At Aplixcom, we believe that, in most cases, implementing systems to supervise and monitor production does not have to involve a long and costly project implementation. How is it possible?

What other system of this kind does this?

When designing Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0, we decided to create a flexible system that we can adapt to client requirements. We wanted the system to be implemented quickly and efficiently, because our clients cannot afford long and costly integration of the system into the work of their companies. As you can see, the challenge we faced was serious. As a result, our system has several features that prove its uniqueness:
  • Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0 is a product that is scalable, modifiable and made up of the following modules: SCADA-MES 2.0 , PLANER 2.0, APS 2.0, TRACEABILITY 2.0, and BI 2.0. It can be integrated with any ERP system or work on its own. Each module can also be implemented separately.
  • This is our own original software, which is why the implementation and possible modifications are much faster than in the case of systems being resold or the implementation of a ‘configuration box’. If the client is looking for dedicated solutions, we will create the desired module/function that will be compatible with the entire system.

  • We have ready-made sets matching various production technologies. This significantly reduces the time needed to adapt the modules to client needs.

  • The implementation is always based on the One Point or PRINCE2 methodology, which allows systematic and effective execution of the entire process.

Save time (and more)

What does the client gain from all of this? First of all, he or she can be sure the software will not require tedious and time-consuming adaptation to the machines and systems working in the company. To put it bluntly, the client is not a guinea pig to test on the implementation of new elements. For a manufacturing company, this proves to be a huge advantage. 

If you are interested in the capabilities of Aplixcom SCADA-MES 2.0 or want to implement the system, let us know. We would love to talk about what we can do for you.

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